Upcoming event: Sacred Space/Between the Worlds 2020

Every year, the Sacred Space Conference serves up top-notch esoteric and occult workshops and ritual, and 2020 is no exception. This year’s conference will be special, however, because it’s joining forces with the Between the Worlds (BTW) Conference, only held every few years. The last time the two conferences merged was 2015.

The conference will be held April 9-12, in the northern suburbs of Baltimore.

What I love about Sacred Space and BTW is that I get to geek out in both intellectual and experiential ways about magick with a wide array of people, and learn from teachers with a wide array of perspectives and backgrounds. There’s plenty of opportunity to chat with practitioners from all over the world, too. And when the two conferences merge, the main rituals and gala are particularly grand.

I’ll be moderating a panel discussion at the conference. Richard A. Davis, Raven Edgewalker, and Tamara Curry will be the panelists.

Inclusion vs. Affirmation: Nonbinary, Genderqueer, and Transgender Identities in Our Communities
Pagan, polytheist, and magickal communities naturally draw many seekers from the fringes of society, including people who are nonbinary, genderqueer, agender, and transgender. How can communities co-create spaces that are not just welcoming, but affirming, of non-cisgender people? Panelists will discuss ways in which their gender identity interacts with their magickal work, and practical suggestions for magickal communities to think “beyond the binary” in symbols, ritual, and structure. 

I’m honored to be among the list of presenters this year, which includes such luminaries as T. Thorn Coyle, Christopher Penczak, Courtney Weber, Laura Tempest Zakroff, Orion Foxwood, and many, many others.

I encourage you to register and book a hotel room ASAP if you have interest – registration costs go up Feb. 1.

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