Tracking your daily practice: There’s an app for that. (Yes, really.)

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As most pagans practicing with any degree of seriousness will tell you, daily practice is paramount for developing magickal skill and discipline. Even if you start with just 5 minutes of meditation a day, committing to self-work on a regular basis will make your magick stronger and help you deepen your relationship with all your parts of self.

Most of us know this, and yet actually committing to the work and keeping momentum is hard. Habits are tough to build and maintain, especially when there isn’t always an immediate tangible benefit to them.

One thing that helps build habits is tracking your adherence to the routine and rewarding yourself for doing so. I use a lot of trackers in my life, for this reason: I wear a pedometer watch, I put stickers on the calendar for the days when I exercise, and like many people wrestling with chronic illness, I’ve kept a number of food and symptom diaries over the years.

So why not track your magickal practice in a similar fashion?

Turns out: there’s an app for that (though not specifically for that).

Daylio, available on Android and iPhone, is a free app that is extremely customizable to whatever types of habits you are looking to track. It’s like journaling, but without requiring you to write a single word.

Every day, Daylio will remind you to enter your day’s information, and it only takes a few seconds to click the things you’ve done that day. It starts by having you rate your mood:

A screen of the Daylio app that says "How are you?" followed by the date and time, and five different faces expressing "fuck yeah," "good," "meh," "bad," and "fuck this."
I may have customized my mood settings a bit.

Then it goes to a screen you customize when you initially set up the app. Every day, you simply click the things you’ve done. Here’s how I’ve got mine set up:

As you can see, you can set this sucker up any way you want. I use it to track not only my magickal practice, but my level of physical activity, my household chores, my hobbies and social interactions, side hustle activities, and magickal workings. Daylio has a fantastic and ever-expanding icon library to make the buttons intuitive.

The app cheers you on by tracking how many days in a row you use it and even provides reports, showing the things you tend to do on days where you feel better vs. worse. It’s fantastically motivating.

Daylio is free; removing ads costs a few dollars, though. It’s available for Apple and Android products.

Learn more about Daylio.

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