This weird office tool makes learning new spiritual concepts easier

Years ago, I bought an office tool I thought I’d use once in awhile for random creative projects, but it turned out to be a critical component of my spiritual practice.

This simple object has improved my ability to learn and retain new things, including chakra colors and tones, Qabala spheres, basic grounding/centering/shielding, chakra cleansing meditations, and more.

What’s more, it helps me learn new stuff without having to add any additional time to my already-packed schedule.

My friends, if you are so able, I encourage you to buy yourself…a laminator.

A basic laminator will run you about $25 or less, typically. Laminating sheets are about 10 cents each.

Here’s how I use my laminator to help me learn new spiritual concepts.

When I’ve got something new to learn, or a handout presented to me of a new magical concept that I really want to ingrain in my skull, I laminate it and attach it to the bath product organizer in my shower with a binder clip.

Then, while I shower, I stare at it, and either practice what is there or just think about it as I bathe.

The beauty of the shower is that I can give most of my attention to that thing. My phone is nowhere near me during that time. Other people aren’t bugging me. I’m not tempted to watch TV. The time we spend bathing is great for focusing and generally free from distractions (unless you have small, insistent children or pets, of course). I’ve used my shower time to ground and center, to align chakras, and learn new things as part of my daily practice, simply because I know that time will be free from the demands of others (again, parents of young kids, I feel for you – maybe there’s another place in your home you can find a few minutes of peace each day? Feel free to share ideas in the comments).

What’s your #1 tip for learning new spiritual ideas and practices?

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