Tarot tip: Use your phone’s wallpaper

Tarot tip: Use your phone's wallpaper

In January, my partner and I committed to doing monthly, single-card Tarot draws for ourselves.

We’re both working to live our lives more intentionally, and this seemed a good way to keep some guidance in the back of our brains for the duration of the month.

When we decided to do this, one of our big questions was: How would we keep these cards top-of-mind throughout the month? How could we avoid forgetting them amid all the other stuff going on?

The answer, as it turned out, was simple: We took photos of the cards and made them the backgrounds of our phones. That means we will look at these cards multiple times a day, which makes them hard to forget, and gives us a chance to regularly examine them for details we may have missed when we initially drew them.

Every time we draw new cards for ourselves, we look at the cards on our phone backgrounds one last time and have a conversation about the card drawn the previous month – how did it connect to our journeys? Does it have anything left to teach us?

Then, we draw a new card, and replace the phone background.

Keeping a card as your phone background is an easy, lightweight way to keep your Tarot guidance from slipping away.

Your turn: What other ways could you/do you use your phone background to help you dive deeper into Tarot readings?

The card pictured as my phone background is “The Sun” card from The Urban Tarot by Robin Scott.

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