New workshop video: “Qabala’s Queer Connections”

I had the joy of presenting a brand-new workshop to the fine folks at the Frederick, Maryland Unitarian Universalist Church CUUPS program. Whereas my previous workshop looked at the Tree of Life as a whole, this new one dives into the individual spheres and how to relate to them in a queer context. Contact meContinue reading “New workshop video: “Qabala’s Queer Connections””

The Genderqueer Tree of Life workshop (video)

Hello, friends! I’ve recently polished up my Genderqueer Tree of Life workshop, and recorded it for all to enjoy. Workshop description: The Hermetic Qabala is often perceived as an old-fashioned, patriarchal magickal tool full of absolutes and gender binaries. However, a deeper look within reveals all kinds of complicated, multi-faceted, and fluid gender and magickalContinue reading “The Genderqueer Tree of Life workshop (video)”