“Sexuality: A Graphic Guide” (review)

Sexuality: A Graphic Guide cover art

Meg-John Barker and Jules Scheele knock it out of the park again with their latest book, Sexuality: A Graphic Guide. Like Gender: A Graphic Guide and Queer: A Graphic History, the newest in their collection teaches a fully-illustrated, condensed 101 course in its subject matter.

Barker and Scheele tell the story of of how humanity understands sexuality and why it’s so complicated, while acknowledging complexities, disagreements, and problematic elements within the evolution of our understanding of sexuality over time. Their approach is intersectional, acknowledging how race, culture, disability, and wealth are inseparable from one’s experience of sexuality; and they note the heavy influence capitalism and white supremacy have had on controlling people’s sexual desires and actions throughout the ages.

Other topics covered in the book include asexuality, BDSM and kink culture, sexual pleasure vs. function, sex disorders, and consent. The authors also dive into the much-debated topic of sex work, showing the harm done by stigmatizing sex workers.

I’d highly recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Barker and Scheele’s other graphic guides, as well as anyone looking to get a deeper understanding of sexuality as a concept.

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