Queer Qabala Playlist: Hod

View of a crowd at a musical event, overlaid with rainbow colors. "Hod" is at the top, and at the bottom is written "Queer Qabala Playlists."

Each week between now and the publication of Queer Qabala: Nonbinary, Genderfluid, Omnisexual Mysticism & Magick (pre-order now!), I’ll be sharing a playlist I made about one of the spheres on the Tree of Life, and will be giving you a tiny sneak preview of that sphere’s chapter in the book.

This week’s playlist is for Hod, one of the places where we see asexual and intersex representation on the Tree of Life. This is also the sphere where words, names, pronouns, and labels come from. This sphere got me thinking about gender identity and labels, so this playlist starts with the song “Androgynous,” specifically the version featuring trans musician Laura Jane Grace, Miley Cyrus, and Joan Jett from the soundtrack of Bad Reputation, the Joan Jett documentary. You can listen to the playlist on YouTube and Spotify.

Here’s a snippet from the Hod chapter of Queer Qabala: Nonbinary, Genderfluid, Omnisexual Mysticism & Magick:

As part of the Queer Identity Triangle, Hod represents the importance of names and labels for gender and sexuality as well as the importance of feeling connected to your name and pronouns as they relate to your gender identity. When you find a label that matches your gender and sexuality, it unlocks new possibilities of self-awareness and discovery. It’s suddenly easier to find information about your sexuality and gender and to find other people who share your sexuality or gender. And those of us who have transitioned our gender from the one assigned at birth know how painful it is to have a name that doesn’t match our gender identity, and how conversely euphoric it is to take on a name that does match.

Queer Qabala: Nonbinary, Genderfluid, Omnisexual Mysticism & Magick

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