Guided Meditation: Introduction to the Tree of Life

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Since people learn in various ways, I’m continuing my intro Qabala teaching series (see: Learning Qabala: Where to start? and Learning Qabala through story) with an audio pathworking, guiding you from Malkuth up to Kether. I hope you enjoy it!

Some slightly bigger news than that, though: Adding this audio pathworking has precipitated some exciting changes for as a whole.

My ultimate vision for this website is to build an asynchronous learning hub, offering everything from guided meditations to full-on classes: resources people can use to learn magickal concepts at their convenience.

In posting this inaugural pathworking, I’ve taken a big step toward that vision, and have a brand-new, multimedia presence to share with you.

Awhile back, I asked people on my Facebook page where they preferred to access audio content, and many people said podcast apps are their ideal platform.

So…I’m not only hosting this pathworking (and future ones) on Soundcloud, but am syndicating them on various podcasting platforms for ease of use.

Yes, beloveds, yet another fucking podcast has been born this day.

(I promise not to be insufferable about it.)

You don’t need to subscribe to the podcast to listen to any of the guided meditations. You can listen at your leisure on Soundcloud and I will be embedding them in these blog posts.

However, if you are a podcast-subscriber-person, you’re welcome to subscribe with your podcast app of choice. Look for “Major Arqueerna”! It may take a week or two to show up on various apps, but if you are able to get around that process by using an RSS URL to subscribe within your app, here ’tis:

The pathworking is embedded below, but if you have any trouble seeing it, you can find it here.

And in the interest of accessibility and sweet, sweet, SEO, the full text of the pathworking is below.

Welcome to this journey up the tree of life with Major Arqueerna.

For this pathworking, please ensure you are seated comfortably and will not be disturbed for the next 15 minutes.

Now start by taking a deep breath, in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Take another deep breath, in and out. Now close your eyes.

Feel your feet or your seat, firm on the ground or on your chair. Feel the air entering your lungs. Feel the heat of the blood circulating in your body. Feel your heart beating. Bring yourself to a state of being present in this very moment. Now feel the passage of time, each second ticking by. Time limits us. Space limits us. But in time and space, we can create. We can take action. These are the blessings of Malkuth, the tenth sphere.

Fill your vision with the color violet. Now think of things that are violet. Picture them in your mind. What do you see? What do you smell? What do you taste? Are these things real? What is real? Here are the visions of everything that has ever been imagined, visions of what has been and what will be. This treasure house of images and possibilities is the blessing of the ninth sphere, Yesod, and also its curse, for its illusions can trick you.

Fill your vision with the color orange. Now make that orange into the bookshelves of the grandest library you’ve ever seen. Everything known and everything sought to be understood is catalogued here, in Hod, the eighth sphere, where it is archived, and named. As you walk around this library, you realize you are not alone, and in fact, several divine beings are also in this space, for this is the sphere where the gods go from being pure energy into forms we can understand. Look at the floor, walls, and ceiling. You find them covered in scripts and symbols. This is where words and symbols are created, the containers of our magic working that can bring wild energy into focus, and the ways in which we are able to communicate with each other.

Now fill your vision with the color green. Now turn that green into the leaves of a dark forest. Smell and hear the abundance of life within a damp forest on a summer’s day. Feel the humid, warm air on your skin and become aware of the heat of your own desire. Feel your blood pounding in your veins. Feel your will. It is the projective force of will and energy found here in Netzach, the seventh sphere, which, combined with the clarity and focus of Hod, creates magic.

Now fill your vision with bright, gleaming gold. Now apply that color gold to the sphere within yourself that you identify as your center. Feel it drift within yourself until it finds a place where it feels perfectly balanced. Breathe deeply and feel a deep sense of harmony within yourself and with the energies surrounding you in this room. You are here. You are centered. And here, on the center point of the Tree, in Tiphareth, the sixth sphere, is where that gleaming, shining point of equilibrium exists.

Now fill your vision with a bright red. The red takes the shape of Superman’s cape, and then a flag on a battlefield, and then the gown of a judge as they deliver a just verdict. This is the sphere of justice, which allows the balance of Tiphareth to exist. When there is something in your life that no longer serves you, where there is excess, Geburah, the fifth sphere, seeks to rebalance the scale. Harsh, but lasting, lessons are learned here. Feel the fire of Geburah, red-hot and blazing, as it strikes you upon the anvil to shape you into the best version of YOU possible.

Now fill your vision with royal blue. The blue becomes the water of a large map, showing a large plot of bare land. You find yourself staring at the map, and then instinctively reaching for figures of buildings, walls, and bridges, placing them where they seem to fit best. While Geburah destroys and hones, Chesed, the fourth sphere, builds and envisions possibilities. You feel the work you are doing is blessed – for it, and you, are all part of the divine spark of creation, and by doing this act, your destiny and will are in perfect sync.

Now fill your vision with deep, dark black. Smell the salty air and feel yourself rock gently on the waves, as you sit on the deck of a ship. You cannot see, and you cannot hear the waves or any other sounds, but you have a profound sense of the vastness and extreme depth of the ocean that surrounds you. But even within the extreme depths of this roiling sea, even within that deep darkness and the silence, there is life. Life is born. Life dies. The great mystery of that cycle is concealed here, in the darkness and silence of Binah, the third sphere.

Now fill your vision with a brightly swirling, pearly gray. Feel your body caught in an effervescent tornado of energy, endlessly spinning and filling and bursting without end. You feel as though your every atom is dissipating and your aura expanding to fill an impossibly large space, spreading and rushing and going so very, very fast. In Chokmah, the second sphere, you no longer have form. You are part of a stream of pure, endless, rushing energy that fuels the universe, the never-ending expansion of the Big Bang.

Finally, feel yourself calm and focus on a single, tiny dot, of pure, white brilliance. In this dot is everything. It is the ultimate place of unity. The entire plan of the universe, everything that ever was, is, or ever will be, every force and every ounce of energy, is contained within and originates from this bright, brilliant dot – Kether, the first sphere.

Now slowly, imagine the dot fading away. Fill your vision with the swirling, pearly grey again…and now deep, dark black…and now royal blue…bright red…shining gold…forest green…orange…violet…and now become aware of the light of this room pressing on your eyelids. Take a deep breath. When you are ready, open your eyes.

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