Deborah Lipp bends the binary in polarity magick

The title "4 Quick Q's: Book Talk With Enfys" is set against a black background with a purple 20-sided die and an open book laid flat. In the corner, it says "A Major Arqueerna Production" with the Major Arqueerna logo.


  • Deborah’s favorite underrated deity
  • The hardest thing about writing a book
  • Deborah’s current book projects
  • What is “tradition”?
  • How do we realize we’ve made assumptions about magick that may be incorrect?
  • What motivates Deborah’s writing
  • Big LEGO projects
  • The best sound in the world


Find Deborah online:

Buy Bending the Binary: (Affiliate link) (Affiliate link)

Buy The Way of Four: (Affiliate link) (Affiliate link)

Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard by Chip & Dan Heath (Affiliate link) (Affiliate link)


“4 Quick Q’s: Book Talk With Enfys” is a production of Major Arqueerna, LLC.

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