Crosspost: “Why Qabala Is an Inherently Queer Spiritual Tool”

In honor of Queer Qabala‘s launch yesterday, I’ve got an article on the Llewellyn Journal today! Here’s a brief teaser with a link to the full article.

Be honest: When you hear the word, “Qabala,” what comes to mind?

Hermetic Qabala is a spiritual framework for understanding ourselves and the universe, using a glyph called the Tree of Life. It has tons of practical, magickal uses, but it’s not uncommon for someone to take a quick look at Qabala and decide it isn’t for them, for any number of reasons. Many people see Qabala as an antiquated spiritual tool bogged down with undesirable concepts like patriarchy, hierarchy, and monotheism.

But I’m one of those weirdos who started digging into Qabala early in my Pagan spiritual journey, and then just couldn’t stop. From the moment I read my first Qabala book, The Witches Qabala by Ellen Cannon Reed, I was hooked. And about five years ago, I began to understand the Tree of Life as a deeply queer-inclusive spiritual tool.

I’m not the first person to think of Qabala as innately queer, but written content on the subject is scarce, which is a big reason why I decided to start a blog, and eventually write a book about Queer Qabala, called Queer Qabala: Nonbinary, Genderfluid, Omnisexual Mysticism & Magick. Finding connections between my queer identity and my spirituality has been a deeply empowering experience, and I want to share that with other people.

What Makes Qabala Queer
Surprisingly, it doesn’t take a ton of digging to find queer representation in the Tree of Life…

🌈 Guess what? I wrote a book on Queer Qabala, and you can buy it now! 🌈

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