Breaking the mold – Paganism for the current era

The following is a guest post by Irene Glasse. It was originally published on Glasse Witch Cottage and is being reposted here with permission. If you like this post, check out Irene’s Patreon and support her work (the rewards are fantastic)! One of the best and most beautiful aspects of modern witchcraft is that itContinue reading “Breaking the mold – Paganism for the current era”

Gnostic Mass Heresy: Breaking OTO’s Binary

The following is a post by Sibling AYIN, reposted by permission of the author. It originated on the author’s Facebook page and was reposted on Thelemic Union. For background: In October of 2019, the O.T.O. revised their manual to enforce gender binary on their clergy – non-binary people are now excluded from serving as a Priest orContinue reading “Gnostic Mass Heresy: Breaking OTO’s Binary”