Bonus Book Talk: Qabala Special with Jack Chanek

Jack Chanek and I had so much fun talking in episode 1 of 4 Quick Q’s, we decided to talk again, but dive deeper on Qabala stuff for an hour instead.

Jack Chanek (he/him/his) is the author of Qabala for Wiccans: Ceremonial Magic on the Pagan Path, and in this stream we talked about our mixed feelings about classic Qabala texts, our favorite Sephira of the moment, how and why we got into studying Qabala, pop culture correspondences with the spheres, and how we’re currently evolving our individual practices with the Tree of Life. We also ended up discussing the sex appeal of Peter O’Toole, Steven Universe on the Tree of Life, and 19th century occultism’s obsession with being DEFINITELY NOT GAY. If you’ve ever wanted to see two Qabala nerds just…nerd out for an hour, I think you’ll enjoy this stream a lot.

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