“Blackfeather Mystery School: Magpie Training” (review)

The cover of the book, "Blackfeather Mystery School: Magpie Training" by Irene Glasse and Caine Dreamwalker, set against a background of black feathers.

There are a lot of introductory magickal training books out there, but few that I would highly recommend to just about any magickal practitioner. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. Some are highly accessible, but lack depth. Others are too deep and intimidating. But Blackfeather Mystery School: Magpie Training is accessible, comprehensive, and life-changing, and I highly recommend it.

What makes this book particularly great is that it is an immersive experience. Rather than just explaining things to the reader and then offering a lightweight exercise or two, Blackfeather Mystery School: Magpie Training is a comprehensive, highly-interactive, solo curriculum built upon 20 years of magickal development and a very successful, year-long magickal training series, one with over 60 regular participants showing up in person (pre-pandemic). The very first lesson has readers building a personal altar and beginning a simple daily practice of self-reflection and empowerment. Readers are guided to create sacred space before reading each lesson, each of which has an audio pathworking structure available at blackfeathermystery.com to encompass the lesson.

Here’s how the authors describe the foundations of the course readers will undertake:

Empowered Witchcraft: Magick is a form of agency, a way of reclaiming our personal power from a world that frequently seeks to take it from us. This training seeks to develop authentic self-love and self-confidence, encourages physical strength and awareness, and teaches magickal competency. Through this triad, Blackfeather seeks to build a foundation of confidence and capability that will empower you to protect yourself, adapt to changing situations, and manifest your will.

Diverse Toolbox: Magpie Training seeks to lay the foundations for a flexible, useful skill set that can meet both practical and esoteric needs. By introducing the techniques of spirit work (sometimes referred to as ‘second wave shamanism’) in conjunction with the techniques of witchcraft, a more balanced approach to the world of spirit is possible. The two systems work beautifully together and enable access to a wide variety of tools to support your practice.

Underlying structure: A strong body requires a functional frame. Magpie Training adapts some of the best aspects of early Wicca and witchcraft to build that strong foundation. Repetition, ritual, technique, and study come together to enhance and inform your natural abilities. The result is a powerful, reliable underlying structure that will enable you to pursue any area of metaphysical study with more confidence.

Blackfeather Mystery School is a fantastic, self-guided experience for magickal practitioners all over the world. This program is practical, challenging, and, most importantly, effective. Blending learnings and exercises gleaned from decades of magickal study and practice, the authors guide the reader through an intensive, hands-on experience to claim their power and use it well. I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to dive deeper into magickal practice, no matter their starting point. 

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More information about the book is available at https://blackfeathermystery.com/.

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