“Sexuality: A Graphic Guide” (review)

Meg-John Barker and Jules Scheele knock it out of the park again with their latest book, Sexuality: A Graphic Guide. Like Gender: A Graphic Guide and Queer: A Graphic History, the newest in their collection teaches a fully-illustrated, condensed 101 course in its subject matter. Barker and Scheele tell the story of of how humanityContinue reading ““Sexuality: A Graphic Guide” (review)”

The Genderqueer Tree of Life workshop (video)

Hello, friends! I’ve recently polished up my Genderqueer Tree of Life workshop, and recorded it for all to enjoy. Workshop description: The Hermetic Qabala is often perceived as an old-fashioned, patriarchal magickal tool full of absolutes and gender binaries. However, a deeper look within reveals all kinds of complicated, multi-faceted, and fluid gender and magickalContinue reading “The Genderqueer Tree of Life workshop (video)”

How to use gender-inclusive language

I originally wrote this for an internal blog at work, and my colleagues and friends requested I repost it publicly to be shared more widely. I’ve adapted the original post with some minor updates and stripped out the stuff that was specific to the workplace. Big thanks to my colleagues Tallulah and Basil for theirContinue reading “How to use gender-inclusive language”