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4 Quick Q’s: Book Talk with Enfys

In 4 Quick Q’s: Book Talk With Enfys, Enfys J. Book interviews pagan authors, asking four questions chosen at random by a roll of the dice. The show airs live on the Major Arqueerna Facebook page, and each episode is posted to the Major Arqueerna YouTube channel and the Major Arqueerna blog after they air.

  • All episodes (YouTube)
  • Upcoming guests (all shows air at 8 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific unless stated otherwise)
    December 7: Mortellus (7 pm Eastern/4 pm Pacific)
    (The show will go on hiatus after Dec. 7 and will come back in 2023 with a new look!)

Got an author you’d like to see on the show, particularly ones in the queer magic and/or Qabala book space? Let me know!

Podcast interviews

Here are links to podcasts that have interviewed me.

Goddess Conference podcast
Personal Pans
That Witch Life
Rebel Spirit Radio
Iowa Pagan News Radio
The Witching Hour with Eron Mazza
Blackthorn Grove
IndigoBlue Magazine podcast

Guided meditations from Queer Qabala

Audio pathworkings from Queer Qabala: Nonbinary, Genderfluid, Omnisexual Mysticism & Magick can be found on a variety of platforms.

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