4 Quick Q’s returns: Bigger, better, and somehow even sillier

The title "4 Quick Q's: Book Talk With Enfys" is set against a black background with a purple 20-sided die and an open book laid flat. In the corner, it says "A Major Arqueerna Production" with the Major Arqueerna logo.

As the Spider-Man film franchise has proven, it’s never too early for a reboot.

My livestream show, “4 Quick Q’s: Book Talk With Enfys,” in which I interview pagan authors with the help of a 20-sided die picking the questions, has been on hiatus since December, as I’ve worked to retool it into something new and better. And it’s finally ready for you!

The biggest change is that the show is no longer a livestream, and will instead be a pre-recorded audio podcast. My hope is to make it more convenient for more people to enjoy the show.

But the changes don’t end there. Instead of one list of 20 possible questions, there are now 4 separate lists of possible questions. The first question is about spirituality, the second is about writing, the third is about “other professional pagan stuff” like teaching and leading rituals, and the fourth question is a Random Encounter question. For the Random Encounter question, I’m rolling a 20-sided die AND a 4-sided die, to choose a question from a possible list of 80. The Random Encounter questions range from “What is your favorite kind of ice cream?” to “What is the meaning of life?”

I’ve taken some time to add a bit more polish in the graphics, and I hired one of my favorite indie musicians to record an intro, outro, and a couple of surprise sound bits.

Since February, I’ve been conducting interviews for the new season on the sly, so at this point I already have eight episodes recorded, which will be released in the coming weeks. I’m going to post the first three episodes fairly close together, because Apple is less likely to accept a new podcast with fewer than three episodes, according to the Internet. After that, new episodes will be available every two weeks.

For those of you disappointed that the show will be in audio format, there’s also some good news: While at ConVocation in Detroit and Sacred Space/Between the Worlds in Baltimore this spring, I conducted six video interviews, which will be posted as both the audio podcast and in video form on my YouTube channel!

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Episode 1: Deborah Blake
  • Episode 2: Deborah Lipp
  • Episode 3: David Salisbury (with video)
  • Episode 4: Thorn Mooney (with video)
  • Episode 5: Diana Rajchel (with video)
  • Episode 6: Devin Hunter (with video)
  • Episode 7: J.R. Mascaro (with video)
  • Episode 8: T. Thorn Coyle (with video)

I’m hoping to record and publish 20 episodes this season, so there’s more awesomeness to come.

I hope you enjoy this new format for the show!

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