4 Quick Q’s: Book Talk with Enfys Episode 21: Mortellus

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In 4 Quick Q’s, I ask pagan authors four questions determined at random, by rolling a D20!

This episode features Mortellus, who wrote the utterly fantastic and thought-provoking Do I Have To Wear Black? Rituals, Customs, and Funerary Etiquette for Modern Pagans and the forthcoming The Bones Fall in a Spiral: An Introduction to Necromancy & The Magic of Death. We dished about our favorite video game soundtracks to work and write to, and what it’s really like to be a pagan author.

More info about Mortellus

Mortellus (they/them) is a lineaged Third Degree Gardnerian High Priestex of the Long Island Line. Presently busy at work on their third book, their second, The Bones Fall in a Spiral: An Introduction to Necromancy & The Magic of Death, is arriving on shelves soon. Mortellus is a Mortician, and in addition to their degrees in Mortuary Sciences, holds degrees in Design, Education, and Fine Arts. Their areas of expertise include necromancy, necrobotany, mediumship, and the funerary rites of minority faith groups.

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